FinAi has found a way to boost profits of e-commerces and digital publishers

FinAi has found a way to boost profits of e-commerces and digital publishers

Rafał Czernik 14 września 2018

FinAi allows to incorporate the digital banking loan application tool into every digital business so that they may facilitate the purchases of consumers. In case of successful loan application, digital business owners will get remunerated for the customer acquisition.

Rising popularity of e-commerce and digital publishers

Polish e-commerce market is worth PLN 40 bn and is steadily growing – it is expected to reach PLN 70 bn in 2020 [1]. In 2018, over 15 mn people (56% of consumers) decided to shop online (+2% y/y) [2]

At the same time, 3 leading digital publishers (Grupa Onet RASP, Grupa Wirtualna Polska, Grupa have all experienced more visits in 2017 than the most popular e-commerce in Poland ( Millions of Poles are spending increasingly more time online, which results in visible shift  to digital marketing – the spending on digital marketing has risen to PLN 3,962 bn in 2017 (+9% y/y), according to IAB [3]

New revenue streams 

If we look at the way e-commerces and publishers earn, we could look at their revenues as the function of the traffic to the site and the revenue from each visitor (direct – fees / subscriptions and indirect – marketing). However, generating additional revenue is increasingly challenging. Due to the GDPR, in the era of rising popularity of adblock and data privacy consciousness revenues of many publishers using programmatic have decreased by 25-40% [4]. While e-commerces have to face increasing competition and seek new opportunities of online payments and financing e-shopping for consumers (both convenient and safe).

FinAi helps boost revenues generated from each visitor 

FinAi can offer a simple solution to increase the revenues which digital businesses generate from the traffic on their site. Utilizing the fact, that e-commerces and digital publishers are at the forefront of creating consumer needs – they can also help with financing them.

FinAi allows to incorporate the digital banking loan application tool into every digital business so that they may facilitate the purchases of consumers. In case of successful loan application, digital business owners will get remunerated for the customer acquisition.  

How it works

FinAi is a Polish fintech developing a 100% online banking loan platform. After sending one simple online application form, consumer receives tailor-made cash loan offers from banks, can conveniently choose the loan best suited to their needs and to sign an agreement without the need to leave home or without courier visits (just ID and a smartphone with iOS or Android needed). The highest level of the platform’s security is guaranteed by advanced identity verification and anti-fraud mechanisms (biometrics, image recognition using neural networks).  

Integrating FinAi with digital businesses is very easy – it requires simply adding the script to the website and in a short time, the partner may start benefiting from the cooperation.  

The market is big and of great potential 

In 2017, banks and SKOK credit unions granted jointly 7.2 million consumer credits. The value of the sold loans amounted to the PLN 79 bn [5]. FinAi’s goal is to help banks’ shift sales to the digital channel and e-commerces and publishers may benefit from it as they can help consumers find the right financing with the FinAi’s tool. 

One of the e-commerces, which decided to partner with FinAi is – the second biggest e-commerce in Poland.







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