Ceneo.pl and FinAi establish a partnership

Ceneo.pl and FinAi establish a partnership

18 września 2018

The first independent loan platform FinAi has established cooperation with the most popular digital price comparison engine Ceneo.pl. Thanks to the potential of both companies, customers will not only find a fully adjusted bank loan, but also take care of formalities without leaving their home.

Later this month, customers looking for a loan in the internet will find a new category at Ceneo.pl, where they will be able to choose the right loan offer in a convenient way. Choosing loan will be facilitated by filters, through which the matching of an offer suitable for the customer will be clear and simple. After finding the best loan offer at Ceneo.pl, the client, through the FinAi platform, will get the details of the offer and, in a simple way, will be able to submit a loan application and conclude an agreement with a selected bank without unnecessary formalities. Integration of the credit offer available on FinAi platform with the largest price comparison engine in Poland, will allow several million internet users visiting Ceneo.pl every day to obtain a bank loan completely online. On the other hand, banks will receive a new and prospective sales channel for their products.

Together with Ceneo.pl we are creating a completely new category of online shopping, which constitute credit products. Thanks to FinAi, customers will be able to take online loan this month, just as easily as they used to buy a tablet or a bicycle through Ceneo.pl – says Rafał Czernik, CEO of FinAi. Cooperation with Ceneo.pl perfectly fits into FinAi's strategy, which assumes building a network of partnerships with leading entities from the financial sector as well as e-commerce and offline sales. Our goal is to systematically develop the platform and provide additional benefits to customers and banks cooperating with us – adds Rafał Czernik.

Currently, via the FinAi platform, consumers may access offers of 3 banks: Credit Agricole, Inbank and Nest Bank. In the near future they will be joined by: eurobank, Ikano Bank and Bank Pocztowy. Concurrently, FinAi is pursuing advanced talks with three other banks. As a result, in the coming months, customers of Ceneo.pl will receive convenient access to the credit offer of up to nine banks. Everything in completely digital process.

Ceneo.pl is a synonym of offers with attractive prices among Polish internet users. We transfer the trust that millions of internet users place in us to other industries. Today, at Ceneo.pl we can not only compare millions of offers of online shops, but also motor insurance, and soon also banking loan offers. In the case of the latter category, we decided to cooperate with FinAi because, as the only company, it provides a unique and at the same time secure credit process. For Ceneo.pl, the new category is also a natural step in meeting the expectations of our users, of whom there are more and more every month – explains Marcin Łachajczyk CEO of Ceneo.pl.

Both companies have already announced that they are working on further solutions for banks and internet users.

 Ceneo.pl is the second largest e-commerce in Poland and at the same time the most popular Polish price and offer comparison engine. The service is visited by 15 million e-customers every month. The service provides its users with tools that enable easy and quick search for products and favorable offers – optimal both in terms of price and speed of delivery, shipping costs and transaction’s security. Ceneo.pl offers its partners the opportunity to effectively increase sales and promote their brands.

FinAi is a Polish technology company from the financial sector, established in 2016, a member of the Conference of Financial Companies in Poland. In June 2018 the company launched the first independent loan platform which ensures a truly fully digital loan process – from customer verification through selection of real offers prepared based on the customer's creditworthiness to signing an online agreement with the bank. FinAi plans to grant via the platform loans of value exceeding PLN 1 billion by 2020.


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