Project title:
Credit risk modelling based on data available in digital channels, using advanced graph theory solutions for social network analysis.


Project objective:
The purpose of the project is to develop and verify an innovative credit risk estimation model using alternative data sources as well as the latest research and tools based on graph theory. The model will be made available to banks and other financial institutions in the form of a product, as a credit risk assessment tool. Data obtained with this tool may be used to supplement information gathered from existing credit history monitoring sources, or in the case of individuals who do not have a credit history, as an alternative report to be used for making new credit decisions and for periodic monitoring of borrower behaviour.


Expected outcomes:
By implementing a new risk estimation model, banks and other financial institutions will be able to reach new population segments with their products, as well as to enhance the effectiveness of existing tools and processes. The adoption of this model will also help increase the number of individuals rated as credible borrowers by the Polish banking system, which in the longer term might result in reducing the level of financial exclusion in the Polish society. This will mostly concern young people, at the beginning of their professional career, as banks currently do not have appropriate creditworthiness assessment solutions to cater for this age group.


Project value:
The total planned cost of the Project is PLN 9,496,287.94
(in words: nine million four hundred ninety-six thousand two hundred eighty-seven zlotys and 94/100 zlotys).


Contribution from European Funds:
The total funding value is PLN 7,326,910.69
(in words: seven million three hundred twenty-six thousand nine hundred and ten zlotys and 69/100 zlotys).


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