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At FinAi we are developing a fintech platform powered by innovative technology and Big Data to create outstanding user experience. From the very beginning we use behavioral economics to support our customers in making easier and faster financial decisions that are more suitable to their needs.

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FinAi simplifies the world of finance.


Soon to come

Soon to come

At FinAi we believe that the world of finance can be simpler than it is today. That is why we are building a top-notch fully digital lending platform which puts the customer in the center of the decision-making process - now we let you grab the steering wheel!



Our editorial board prepares a daily dose of financial news – written it the simplest way possible. Check it over here!

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When difficult things seem easy for you but you realize they are truly complicated for others and you know how to change them – join our team!

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To deliver a product that our customers will love, we strive to have the best and the brightest in the industry. We look for challenge-hungry people with various backgrounds like tech, business and marketing - if you are one of them don’t hesitate and contact us now!


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Whether you’d like to meet us in person, solve a problem or you’re just looking for answers, reach us here:

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